• Photos under Acrylic – mounted on 3mm Aluminum base

  • This exceptional product is gaining in popularity- The image is sealed under acrylic, our workmanship is  Gallery and Museum quality. When seeing acrylic mounted images in person one is astounded at the beauty - clarity - and vibrancy it projects.

    This price structure is quoted in the most popular 1/16” thick acrylic glass and 3mm thick aluminum bonding. Nothing is lost in quality nor looks and the advantage is lighter weight with the integrity of aluminum for a nice clean product which can be either used on an easel, framed in a wood frame, or used with the newer styles of the hidden framework on the back for a frameless mounting look. Clean lines and just the image is being presented.

    We can make and will quote for a variety of thicknesses and materials other than our standard product based on your needs or requests. We invite you to call us so that we can see your needs and therefore create the right product and quote for you.

    * We use photographic chemical printing - If prints are larger than 30" on any one side, or if one wants Digital Lambda or ink jet printing, please allow one extra week for delivery. We accept customer photos and will adjust the price accordingly.

    Free samples are available- please call us.

  • Insert size for price quote

  • Price per Sq. Ft.

  • Photo printed by BestAcrlicMounting (see surcharges below).

  • Mounting: If you are submitting a Photo, and it is larger than 48” in two directions and or larger than 96” in one direction, there is a 20% premium on top of our listed prices. If the photo submitted is printed in ink jet, there is a 10% premium on top of our normal listed and other surcharge prices.

    Photo Printing: If you are submitting a file and want us to print your photo on metallic paper and it is larger than 30” in two directions, there is an $5 per sq ft’ premium charge on top of both our listed prices and mounting surcharge if that applies.

  • To place an order, please complete and submit an order form. For additional details, send us an email at info@bestacrylicmounting.com along with the picture and dimensions.

  • Please note: The above is a partial list of products. For items that you don't see, please email us at info@bestacrylicmounting.com or call us at (954)604-2504 for pricing and information.

    We also offer Wood framing instead of Aluminum for $4.00 less per Sq ft.